Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hamlet Act 1

Please post your response to the following question using at least two quotes from Act 1. Please also read some of your classmates' posts and choose two to respond to (ask them a question, make a comment agreeing/disagreeing with something they wrote, etc.). Posts must be at least two paragraphs long, and responses must be at least two sentences long. If someone responds to your post with a question, you must answer it.

Act 1 question:

How are relationships between stepparents and stepchildren generally depicted in fiction or film? (Give specific examples.) Do you have any experience with or knowledge of step-relationships? What conflicts and barriers must be overcome? What are the advantages, the positive aspects of these relationships? How does Hamlet feel about his family? Does he have an accurate/fair view of his family?


  1. Yes I do have experience with the knowledge of of having step brother and a step father. I can only live with one of my parents due to the miles between the houses. Also now that I have a job and I'm in sports it fills up time fast not leaving much time for other things like going there because by the time I get there I would only be there for a few hours and then would have to come home. You have a bigger family. More people for turn to when you need something or even just someone oppion. SH

  2. In movies or stories step parents and step children are depicted by not getting along. They usualy dont like the step parent and the kids are always depressed, like Hamlet is in this storie. In most stories the step parents are usually portraid as mean and controlling over the new child. I do not have experience with step parents but from knowing people that do, it is not always easy to deal with.
    Hamlet is nnot dealing very well with his new family. he is still mourning over his fathers death beacause it has only been a month. Now that his mother has fallen in love with his used to be uncle he is having an even harder time with it. He thinks that it is to soon for his mothher to move on and that she should not be in love with his uncle. I think that he has the right to feel this way it is not everyday that your mom falls in love with your uncle.

  3. that last comment was from ashlee..forgot to put my name

  4. I agree with ashlee they do depict step children and step parents as not getting a long. I disagree with the not getting a long part. I get a long with my step father very well unlike hamlet. hamlets step father is more of a jerk to hamlet them my step dad is to me. I also find that being a step child can have some advantages like a better life. I would rather have a step father instead of not having a father at all. It give you a sense of home when you arn't just being raised by one parent.

    Meagan ramos

  5. In movies esspicially the step-parent relationship is always depicted as a bad thing and the step parent ends up being evil (Cinderella and Ella enchanted) and the child abused or treated like a slave or a servant.I do not have experience but however I have friends whom have gone through this experience and the way step-families are portrayed on screen are not what really goes on in real life, most kids respect both parents and are willing to get along with whatever situation is thrown at them. There is also the barriers to overcome like when one of the kids is small they possibly do not understand why Daddy isnt there any more and who is this strange man living in their house with mummy.Hamlets view of his family is that they are quite deciteful and can be quick to make decisions that should be consulted with other people first.Hamlet has a pretty fair view on his family he knows what they are like and knows what they can do.

  6. The way stepchildren and stepparents are depicted in this book is Hamlet dislikes his stepfather. Hamlet dislikes his stepfather because he knows he killed his father. He knows this because his fathers ghost told him. I personally do not have any experience with stepparents or step siblings.
    Hamlet personally dislikes his family. He dislikes his mother for marrying his stepfather within a month of his fathers death. He hates his stepfather because he knows his stepfather killed his real father. Hamlet believes his mother had something to do with his fathers death. Hamlets view of his family, for what we read so far, is pretty accurate. JK

  7. the relationship between them is like a love hate relationship. he hates him for taking over his dads place, but it is his family. when they first go married he was really mad and still is.
    i have a stepmom and we have our off moments to, but i still ove advantage is that i have two moms.! once hamlet talked to his father he hated his family even more thatn he already did..

  8. usually it is shown that the step-child does not like the step-parent, even though the step-parent is constantly trying to establish friendship. I know of step relationships but don't really know how they work. The child must accept the parent, and let go of the other relationship. There are no advantages. Hamlet feels like his family has been torn apart, he does not have an accurate view of his family.

  9. They should just get together and figure out what kids want. Theres really no advanges to this yet. Hamlet should get the family together so that he has a feel of what the family is like. C.S

    the relation ship between stepchildern and step parents they are depictid like one of the parents starts dating anthoer soe one and the childern dont like or sometime like the person there parents are dating. and when the childern dont like there step parents they usualy rebel agnst them. put in te end they get along with eachother- BS

  10. Most step children and the step parents dont get along and are fighting in the whole movie. But in a slecte few they do get along and work together. I personally have no experince with this but i have a couple friends who do and they seem to get along with there step parents pretty well cause i always see them working together and doing stuff together.

  11. Well I think that in movies they make step parents or step kids look horrible. They definitely over exaggerate what it is really like. I don't have any experience with step parents or anything like that but I'm thinking if it really is how they make it seem in the movie then I definitely don't want one. They obviously need to get over their differences and the fact that they both love the same person and thats the reason why they need to get along because not everything is about them. Have to remember that obviously there is a reason they are a part of your family.
    Hamlet has a really bad situation. The fact that his new "dad" killed his original dad would make it quite hard to like them. I honestly think that it would be hard to have a parent pass away and have to deal with a replacement.